A-1 Vegetation Management

A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal is now offering vegetation management; this new branch can help you control and maintain your property.
Vegetation management is a broad term that covers all sorts of tree and brush services to help your landscape thrive. From routine tree pruning and brush removal to power-sawing unwanted stumps. This important task can also involve identifying potential landscaping safety hazards or treating sick trees. When it comes to vegetation and landscape quality management, it’s important to work with an experienced team of professionals.
That’s where we come in.

A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal provides expert vegetation management in Redding, CA.

Here are just some of the important aspects of vegetation management that A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal can assist you with: 

Injections & Soil Drenches

We are state-licensed to apply: insecticides, fungicides, anti-bacterial, growth inhibitors, fruit and nut treatments, fertilizers and nutrients to treat specific and targeted tree and vegetation issues.

defensible space & Lot Clearing

Working with local officials, our crews establish defensible space, defined by California law, around your home and property. We also provide lot clearing services for fire restoration or other building purposes.
Vegetation spraying

Pre-emergent & Vegetation Spraying

Spraying is a form of pest control. This service is quick, easy, cost-effective and has long-lasting results.

right-of-way Easement spraying

Right of way spraying handles vegetation at traffic intersections, train tracks, utility lines, service roads, open lots, land easements and more.

Stump Grinding & Root Mulching

Utilizing specialty equipment stumps and old root systems are masticated to mulch in order to reclaim unusable areas as well as protecting sidewalks and foundations.

Tree Planting

Our vegetation experts are properly trained to plant new trees correctly, create stability for developing trees and provide top-of-the-line nutrients and pesticides for all tree varietals.

Still not convinced that working with us will help you improve the look and feel of your property? How about if we throw in landscaping financing so you can get your job done correctly and fast. There’s a reason A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal has become the go-to choice for the most challenging vegetation management projects in Redding, CA.
Don’t attempt to handle all of your property’s vegetation management needs yourself — give A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal a call today and let’s get to work!

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Service Areas

We service areas up to 100 miles from Redding, including:

  • Redding
  • Eureka
  • Susanville
  • Oroville
  • Willows
  • Chico
  • Mt. Shasta
  • Weaverville
  • Red Bluff
  • Shingletown
  • Burney

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