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Our Certified Arborist is trained and certified through ISA ( International Society of Arboriculture) in the art and science of planting, maintaining, and removing trees. Our crew is trained and equipped to provide proper care following ANSI 300 standards – bringing considerable value or protection to your property. Our Certified Arborist and crew continue their education and maintain their credentials so that they can bring you the latest techniques in arboriculture.

*Properly caring for the trees on your property can add value to your home aesthetically. It can also reduce your utility use with shading when properly planted and placed, and can help with erosion control in areas where homes are built on bluffs or waterways. When your trees are not cared for properly, it can be dangerous and even a substantial liability.

Pursuant to California Civil Code 833/834: Landowners have a duty to inspect their trees to determine if a tree is healthy or hazardous, and to remove branches and even an entire tree if it poses a hazard. If the property owner is negligent or careless, failing to maintain a tree after professional warnings or visual signs of problems, the tree owner can be held responsible for resulting damage.

*We are available 24hrs a day to service your tree care needs, from general questions, full tree assessments with written recommendations and treatments, to emergency removals. No question is worth going unanswered with qualified professionals at your fingertips.

In Redding and the North State, we often find some common risks to trees. Here are some examples:


Blister Rust



Slime Flux


Root Rot

Powdery Mildew

Aspen Kanker

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