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benefits of using a mulcher to create & manage trails 


Working with agencies like Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal works on trail systems management projects. Some of these projects include removal of hazardous fuels, cleaning up hazardous debris around trials and creating new trail systems.

There are currently thousands of miles of recreational trails in California alone, creating and maintaining these trails can be hard work and very time consuming. Using our mulching techniques the job can get done efficiently and has many benefits compared to a traditional crew of people with hand tools.

These are just a few of the benefits that mulching provides when creating or maintaining trails:

  • Saves time and man power –  A mulcher very quickly goes through vegetation, reducing it into eco-friendly mulch. This ultimately saves money.
  • Enriches soil – The left over mulch contains nutrients that enriches the soil, and leaves a thick layer which prevents erosion.
  • Mulches under the surface – Because a mulcher can go beneath the surface of the ground, it can even out any large humps or roots that may stick up in the path, making a safer recreational trail with no tripping hazards.
  • Creates a wide path – People and animals can create trails by walking in the woods, they produce narrow paths. Mulching, however, creates a broad space for visitors to walk comfortably.

* In the case of trail systems being in senstive areas like wildlife reserves, federal laws and regulations can prohibit the use of equipment to be used. In these situations we also offer hand crew services to limit any dusturbance to the ecosystems and preserve wildlife and habitats. 


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