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Tree Care And Firescaping: Landscaping For Fire Safety

Few people want to think about the worst case scenarios for their homes, particularly when it comes to fires. Fires can be disastrous for your home and your future peace of mind, not to mention the risk they pose to your personal safety. Most homeowners don’t necessarily realize that their landscaping can play a huge part in their protection from fires, yet proper firescaping and tree care can keep you safe from danger.

Why does landscaping matter?

While there tends to be a large number of flammable items inside the home as well, landscaping that hasn’t been properly maintained can easily pose a hazard. Plant material can catch fire and cause it to spread quickly, particularly when it comes to dead trees, tree branches, and brush debris, and even dead stumps. A fire that starts outside or on a neighboring property can reach your home much more quickly when your home is surrounded by these materials. It can be just as dangerous coming from the other direction as well; a fire that starts in your home could spread to other houses faster without proper property clearing and tree care.

What makes a fire-safe yard?

While many factors are involved with making a yard safe against fire, one of the main elements is removing dying or damaged trees that could catch fire more quickly. This includes grinding down any stumps from fallen trees. When stump grinding is the method used to remove a stump, it can be done under the ground as well as above ground. The grinding can go eight to 12 inches underground, allowing you to plant another shrub in the same spot and removing any extra debris that could be flammable. Additionally, keeping dry plant matter away from sources of heat or flame, like a grill, reduce your risk of fires.

How do I make my landscaping fire-safe?

Stump removal, lot clearing, and managing tree health are all great starting points to keep your yard safe. However, the best way to reduce your risk of fire damage to your home is by using professional firescaping services. Lot clearing services and tree health experts can help you find the specific problem areas in your yard and come up with a plan to address them. For more information on fire-safe landscaping or to see if your yard is safe against fires, contact A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal today.

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