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A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal specializes defensible space & firescaping

Working with local officials, our crews establish defensible space using mastication techniques around home and property. This reduces fire damage risk and allows firefighters and first responders proper and safe access to defend against fire.

Defensible space is the area around a home or structure where dense and flamable vegetaionis removed or maintained to slow the spread of wildfire. A structure is more likely to survive a wildfire when you mantain defensible space. further more, if you live in a State Responsibility Area (SRA) it is your responsibility to comply with current state laws concerning defensible spacezones.

Whether you are looking for wildfire restoration or clearing a large area for building purposes, an unclean lot or area with dozens of trees and shrubs can be a nightmare for any property owner. Our professional mastication services can help clear a whole building site; improving esthetics and property values.


A-1 Forestry Masticating land

learn about firescaping and what your defensible space should look like

Firescaping refers to creating non-burn areas around your home to help contain house fires and wildfires. It’s essentially creating a firebreak for your property. 

Homeowners in Shasta County know how periodic and prolonged droughts can increase the risk of spreading wildfires. If flames don’t have a path to follow, the fire won’t spread. The closer to your home, the fewer plants and materials you want.

A-1 Tree Services & Stump Removal offers firescaping services to help you create non-burn areas around your home to keep your property safe and secure.

Creating Non-Burn Zones

The principles of firescaping can be narrowed down to creating three defensible zones. These zones include different plants and materials to help slow the spread of the fire.

  • Zone One: This zone includes clearing a 30-foot area around your home. In this area, you can include concrete or brick patios, low-growing annuals or perennials, and irrigated lawns. Trees can be planted in this area, but they must be deciduous. Deciduous trees have a higher moisture content and don’t contain flammable oils. Contact a tree care company to remove any dead or low-hanging branches within 15 feet of stovepipes or chimneys.
  • Zone Two: This zone includes plants and materials that are no closer than 70 feet away from your house. In this area, you can include gardens and orchards. Trees plants in this area must be kept 15 feet off the ground and pruned regularly. Mowed lawns or ground-cover plants with high moisture content can help to slow flames in these areas.
  • Zone Three: This zone includes plants and materials that are no closer than 100 feet from your house. Trees in this area ought to be separated by 10 feet. Branches must also be pruned regularly to stay 10 feet off the ground.

For more information on firescaping or to schedule firescaping services, contact A-1 Tree Services & Stump Removal today.

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