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Brush and tree debris have a way of building up over time. Unfortunately, as time passes the brush becomes more and more unmanageable, creating an eye sore in your yard. Brush chipping services can improve the value of your property by: clearing access through property, protecting against wildfire and visually improving esthetics. 


Benefits of Brush Chipping:

  • Large amounts of brush are reduced to chips.
  • Woodchips are useful all over the yard.
  • Cleans up useable space in the yard.
  • Creates access through property.
  • Removing brush creates a defensible space.
We have all the tools and equipment needed to clear the brush at your home or office.

We have all the tools and equipment needed to clear the brush at your home or office.

When you need leftover tree branches and brush debris cleared from your property, look no further than A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal. Our company provides full-service and emergency brush chipping in Redding, CA.

We have the brush chipping equipment, tools, and expertise to turn the mess in your yard into useful wood chips. This service is standard clean-up procedure for any large tree or stump removal job that we complete, but if you have a mess from a recent storm or branches you took down yourself, we are more than happy to extend our services to you. Our power chippers make fast work of any unwanted trees or branches.

When the tree experts at A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal swoop into your yard with top-of-the-line power chippers, you know that we will only leave once your yard looks spotless. Our 24/7 service not only efficiently clears your property of wood and debris, but brush chipping has these many benefits as well.

Reduces large amounts of wood debris in your yard without burning it. Depending on the regulations of a municipality, burning substantial amounts of wood may not be permitted. Brush chipping will keep you in compliance with local rules while efficiently clearing your yard.

Trees are reduced to chips in minutes. Brush chipping is a quick process, especially when compared to manually chopping the wood or trying to burn it. This speedy process gets the branches and brush out of your yard faster so you can get back to normal.

You can reuse the wood chips for other landscaping purposes. Wood chips are just smaller bits of the larger tree you cut down, meaning that they will bring plenty of helpful nutrients back into your yard. Use them as mulch or compost them with grass clippings to get continued use out of your old tree.

The Brush Chipping Service Redding CA Trusts.

From planting to chipping and everything in between, A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal has you covered for all of your tree-related needs. Our trusty team is dedicated to keeping the trees in your yard as healthy as possible and only removing them when the situation calls for it. We’ll follow up with brush chipping to make it look like we were never there and let your life get back to normal.

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