It’s that time of year again—Spring! And Shasta County is welcoming the warmth and greenery with open arms! It’s time to get outside, enjoy the yard, and start chipping away at our annual spring yard cleanup checklist.  

What to include on a spring yard cleanup checklist

Your checklist should include: 
  • Cut back and divide perennials 
  • Clean out beds and borders of dead leaves and foliage
  • Add a fresh layer of mulch 
  • Add a 5-10-10 fertilizer around bulbs as they flower
  • Prep lawn for spring seeding and feeding
  • Compost yard waste and debris
  • Pressure wash slippery algae spots or leaf stains from hardscape surfaces

Hire a professional for spring yard cleanup

Of course, there are manageable aspects of the annual spring yard cleanup that you not only enjoy but can handle without any problem. However, other jobs require a bit more strength, machinery, or expertise. And that is the time to call a professional.

A professional can help you with: 

Pruning/trimming trees: Deciduous trees and shrubs and similar plants should be pruned in late winter or early spring. Because tree trimming and pruning require the right tools and expertise, calling a professional arborist is a smart choice.

    • Clear out nasty poison oak: Enough said.
    • Remove brush: Spring is an excellent time to remove unwanted brush and fire fuels. Brush chipping services not only visually improve your property, but it adds protection against wildfire.  
  • Lot mowing and clearing: When you need to clean up a lot or establish defensible space around your home and property, the experts can get the job done quickly and safely using the appropriate equipment.  
  • Pre-emergents: Pre-emergent herbicides are used to prevent undesired weeds from gaining a foothold in your lawn. These chemicals are very effective when applied in early spring—when weeds begin to sprout. A professional can advise you on what products to use and when the ideal application period should begin. 

Spring yard cleanup can be overwhelming—but you don’t have to go it alone. At A-1 Tree & Stump Removal, we proudly serve Shasta County residents and have built a solid reputation as knowledgeable experts. And we offer our services year-round to best meet the needs of our customers.   

Discover why A-1 Tree & Stump Removal are Redding, CA’s premier tree trimming arborists and your go-to for spring yard cleanup. Let our helpful team answer your questions and schedule a free consultation. Call us today!