How is that old tree on your property really doing?

If you inherited an old tree with your new home, you might have thought that it’s stoically beautiful, despite its age. You might have to invest in a crane service to execute a large tree removal. Read on to learn when a tree needs to be cut down.

Dying Tree

Do you know what a dying tree looks like?

It’s hard to tell if a tree has passed its time on Earth unless you really pay attention to the signs. A dying tree doesn’t only have falling leaves; all older trees shed branches, but dying and damaged trees lose their growth at alarming rates. They also lack the ability to produce healthy fruit. In fact, most nearly dead trees can’t produce any fruit at all.

If you suspect you have a dying or damaged tree in your backyard, employ the expertise of crane services to verify this for sure. Then, once you know that you need deadwood removal, call a professional crane service to do the job safely and methodically.

The Tree Poses Danger

Even if a tree isn’t quite dying yet, it can pose a danger to your home or that of your neighbor’s. Old trees that are sick or weak can go down quickly in a windstorm, instantly causing fatal or structural damage.

If you see that a tree is tilting in a certain direction, call your local tree service to take care of it at once. If you’re not sure whether the tree is leaning, watch it intently during a small-capacity windstorm. If it moves quite a bit even under the pressure of small gusts of wind, that tree is dangerous. In that case, make sure to get a hold of experts who specialize in crane services before the next big storm is due to hit your area.

The Tree Is An Eyesore

It may seem cruel to cut down a large old tree if it’s not posing an immediate danger, or if it’s not dying. However, if you’re trying to sell your home, or even if you want to beautify it, a lot clearing plan might be in order. Your property value can increase up to 14 percent if your yard is well-maintained and clear of shrubs and obtrusive trees.

Of course, if your aim is to grow trees as a sort of privacy hedge on the perimeter of your yard, then it makes sense to keep them there, provided they stay well-trimmed and healthy. If trees are growing randomly around your yard and the property is overrun by wild, poorly-maintained shrubs, you will have trouble enticing new buyers to take a chance on your home.

Is It Time To Call a large tree removal service?

Is your yard due for a professional brush clearing or tree cutting?

If so, get in touch with your local crane services and set an appointment for the job to get done. Provided the weather cooperates and you’ve called a residential lot clearing service in time, your tree removal projects will go off without a hitch.