Although the average urban tree has a life expectancy of only eight years, trees in suburban or wilderness areas can last for decades. Unfortunately, natural disasters can harm trees — and surrounding residents — in unforeseen ways, well before their time. In the Redding, CA area, wildfires are an all too common threat. But while you may not be able to control when and where they strike, you can take steps to lessen the damage to your own property.


There are many ways to create a defensible space (meaning a property that is designed to promote improved fire control and damage prevention). But you won’t want to skip out on hiring brush chipping services if you want to reduce the risk of wildfire damage. Here’s why.


What Is Brush Chipping?

This type of brush clearing refers to a specific process utilized by a professional tree removal company. During this process, debris left over from tree trimming and removal is turned into wood chips, which can then either be removed from the property or subsequently used in landscaping to prevent erosion. Not only does brush chipping add to the usable space in your yard and make it more visually appealing, but it can actually ensure your home and family are safer in the event of an emergency.

How Does Brush Chipping Reduce Fire Risk?

When you trim or remove a tree but leave the debris behind, you may be unintentionally improving conditions for wildfires. Property clearing can make a huge difference between creating a truly defensible space and an area that’s vulnerable to significant damage. Brush chipping services can help to create firebreaks on a property. Firebreaks, which can be either natural or man-made, are gaps that occur in combustible materials (like vegetation and debris) that can act as barriers that stop or slow down wildfires. By removing any leftover tree branches and brush debris, you’ll be able to reduce the risk that a wildfire will spread and cause significant damage. The brush chipping Redding CA homeowners rely on is far more effective, affordable, and safe than hauling or burning, which means that it’s easier than ever to get rid of leftover tree debris and reduce wildfire risk at the same time.

How Can I Create a Defensible Space On My Property?

Aside from creating firebreaks with help from brush chipping services, you should make an effort to clean up any and all yard debris on a regular basis. Remove all dead plants, weeds, leaves, and other vegetation from your property and move any combustible materials to areas that are further away from your home. You can also create other firebreaks by maintaining space between shrubs, trees, and plants and items like patio furniture, sheds, and other backyard products. Keep your grass cut short, plant and trim according to spacing recommendations, and utilize fire resistant landscaping techniques to further reduce the risk that a wildfire could spread.

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