Shasta County is richly blessed with an abundance of beautiful trees. And whether you have a beloved ancient tree in your front yard that could tell stories about your children and grandchildren or young, newly planted trees to anchor your landscaping and enhance curb appeal, it’s crucial to think about the overall health of your trees. Trees are an investment in your property—one worth protecting. A tree inspection by a certified arborist can diagnose any issues before they become life-threatening as well as offer suggestions on how to care for your trees.  

Causes for stress in trees

Our local trees suffer 100+ degree days in the summer and drought, heavy rain and wind in the winter, and must also cope with environmental factors. And if a tree was not planted properly (the hole was not wide or deep enough to support the root system adequately), it may not survive. Or a homeowner may inadvertently apply too much mulch or over-fertilize. Without the necessary training, you may not recognize the warning signs of a stressed tree—until it’s too late. This is why regular tree inspections are so vital. 

What is a tree inspection? 

A professional arborist knows what to look for as they examine your trees. They understand when and how much pruning needs to be done, which limbs need to be safely removed, and search for signs of pests or disease. They can guide you in getting a tree on the road to recovery after damage from floods, droughts, hail, lightning strikes, or frost cracks on the bark during an unforgiving winter. And they can help you determine watering needs and soil requirements to help your trees to thrive. 

Don’t put off a tree inspection

Stressed trees can often make a full recovery when expertly cared for—and when any underlying issues are diagnosed as soon as possible. Therefore, you should not put off until next year or the year after hiring a certified, experienced arborist to provide a thorough tree inspection. Taking action now may save your tree!

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