When a tree is successfully removed from your property, there are two options available for getting rid of the remaining stump: stump removal and stump grinding. Leaving a tree stump alone can be a recipe for disaster, providing food for carpenter ants and termites that can move in and easily spread to other plants or even your home.

But which is better for your yard? Stump grinding or stump removal? Both options have their pros and cons.

Stump removal

Stump removal involves pulling the stump out of the ground. Your tree removal service will dig up and remove all roots connected to the stump. This method eliminates any risk of stump decay and the pests it would attract. 

It’s important to note that stump removal is labor intensive and you’ll need to have the hole in your yard filled in once the stump is removed. However, stump removal is the best possible option if you have big landscaping plans for your yard.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is a type of tree mastication process where the stump is shredded down to small wood chips until the stump is a few inches below the soil. The small pieces of stump created during the grinding process can be used for ground cover or mulch. The tree roots will remain in the ground, but will decay naturally along with the stump over the next 10 years.

Whether stump removal or stump grinding is the right choice for you depends on the plans you have for your land. If you’re planning on doing landscaping in your yard, it may be better to have your stump removed rather than grinded to permanently remove the roots from your property. 

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