When lightning strikes a tree in your yard, it can do a lot of damage. Lightning strikes the inside of a tree, targeting layers deep beneath the bark. This can cause a tree to lose leaves, branches, and even die.

If your tree was struck by lightning, it’s important to contact a tree care and removal company like A-1 Tree Services to assess the damage. Because lightning damage can be slow to appear, you may not even notice your tree has been impacted by the lightning strike until it begins showing signs of decay weeks after the strike. 

Tree decay caused by lightning damage is a major safety risk. Contact a professional tree care service to take a look at your tree as soon as possible.

Will Tree Cutting Be Necessary?

Tree cutting may be necessary if there are any broken or hanging branches on your tree. These branches could fall and hurt passersby and cause damage to your property. 

However, not every tree that’s struck by lightning needs a tree care company to remove it. A-1 Tree Services will inspect your tree to get a better look at the damage and to help you make the best decision for your tree.

Signs of Lightning Damage

Lightning damage can be subtle and difficult to spot. This is because lightning impacts the inner layers of the tree. A tree can appear normal for several weeks or even months before lightning damage begins to show. 

But some signs can be spotted with an experienced eye including:

  • Burned bark
  • Blackened areas where chunks of bark are stripped
  • Sparse or wilting leaves
  • Split or cracked trunk

If a tree in your yard has been struck by lightning, it’s in your best interest to contact a professional tree care company to inspect your tree for potential damage. Damaged trees or branches may need to be removed for your safety. To learn more about lightning damage or to schedule a tree care inspection, contact A-1 Tree Services today.