For those of us who call the Redding, CA area home, we can attest to the fact that along with beautiful sunny days, we also have our share of rainy and cold winter weather. And we have unfortunately seen fires as well as flooding.   

Whatever shape and form a storm takes, it can leave a path of destruction in its wake. Once your home is evaluated and secure, it’s time to assess your trees with the help of a professional arborist. 

What is storm recovery?


Storm recovery involves assessing the damage and acting accordingly. Some trees can be saved—the damage looks worse than it really is. With proper pruning techniques, the tree can survive minor damage. A mature tree that suffered a broken limb can also recover once the broken branch is pruned back to the trunk. And if a tree is young, its survival rate is much higher once the broken branches are removed. 

Resist the urge to make a snap decision in deciding to cut a tree down. Storm recovery experts can help you identify which trees can be trimmed or pruned and which ones are too far gone. And they can recommend the safest way to remove a tree to avoid any further damage to your home or property.  


When a tree can’t be saved


A tree that was already weakened by disease or structural factors may not be worth saving. Other trees were perfectly healthy, but the storm devastation was too great, and only the trunk remains. Or a tree lost a major portion of its leafy crown. It’s unlikely to grow an adequate number of new branches and leaves to nourish itself and regain its shape. This may signal it’s time to say goodbye to a beloved tree. A skilled arborist can point out the reasons why a particular tree can’t be saved. 

Trees heavily damaged pose a real hazard to homeowners and require immediate attention. This would include split trunks, loose branches, branches hanging on power lines, and trees leaning from broken roots.  


Don’t be fooled


Sadly, some scam artists will use the days following a storm to target desperate homeowners. Before you hire someone who shows up unexpectedly, do a little investigating: Do they have a website, phone number, and current certificates of liability and property damage insurance? 

You don’t have to go it alone—enlist the help of qualified storm recovery and tree trimming arborist to assist you after the storm.   

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