Trees add beauty and curb appeal to any home. But what if you find yourself looking up at your trees only to discover a tree limb that appears broken or dead? Weather, disease, and other factors can weaken a tree over time, creating a host of dangerous situations—for you and your home. So, how do you handle this problem? With the help of a skilled arborist and tree removal specialist who will examine and identify which limbs or trees need to be removed. And a crane can help them to do so in the safest manner possible.  

When is a crane right for the job?

Whenever tree removal requires a person to be at a more elevated height than a ladder can safely offer, a crane may be utilized. A crane is also especially helpful in reaching trees in tight spaces like a narrow backyard or between buildings. When a crane cuts down the tree, the tree isn’t allowed to fall straight to the ground. Instead, it is lifted vertically and away from the area, removing the danger of the tree falling onto your house or other structures. The tree can then be moved to a drop zone where it can be cut into smaller sizes or run the branches through a chipper. 

Cranes are particularly useful in dealing with storm damage or emergencies—perhaps a tree falling onto your roof. The danger in removing the tree is complicated by the fact that the tree’s massive weight could shift at any moment. A purpose-built forestry crane can quickly stabilize and remove the tree.  

Who will be operating the crane?

Only trained and certified crane operators should be behind the controls. And at A-1 Tree & Stump Removal, we take the safety of our staff and our valued customers extremely seriously. Our crane operators are trained professionals capable of efficiently and safely removing unwanted trees. You can breathe easy knowing we will demonstrate the utmost respect for your property. If a climber must go up the tree first, the climber and the crane operator will be in constant communication using hand signals or headsets. They work together to ensure the tree’s weight is balanced and that the crane can handle the weight (some trees can weigh over a thousand pounds). 

So, when it’s time to remove unwanted or dangerous trees, don’t take chances—call an expert. Their advice and expertise can go a long way in protecting yourself and your property. 

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