You thank your children when they put away their toys. You thank the FedEx driver when he delivers yet another Amazon package. And you are always sure to thank your employer when you get that year-end bonus. But have you thanked your trees recently? 

Trees deserve our thanks and appreciation for all they do to enrich our lives and our planet. Consider just a few reasons why you should thank your trees.  

Trees add value to your home

Beautiful trees surrounding your home and property are not only visually appealing, adding curb appeal, but they also add value to your home. When planted in the right place, they can conserve energy, provide shade, and work as a winter windbreak and lower heating costs. For example, when trees are planted to provide shade for an air conditioner unit, it allows it to run more efficiently, thus using less energy.  

Trees can tame stormwater

Rain is desperately needed in Shasta County and Northern California due to extreme drought conditions. But as the rain pours down, if there is not enough natural tree cover, the vegetation and soil can quickly become saturated. The rain becomes stormwater runoff that can wash harmful oils, fertilizers, and heavy metal particles into waterways such as streams and rivers. This can harm fish and wildlife. Public drinking supplies are more expensive and difficult to make safe. 

However, an abundance of trees can make a huge difference. Leaves break the force of falling rain and retain water, tree roots guard against erosion and take in lots of water, tree-lined streets and tree-filled yards contribute to stormwater runoff reduction as well as beautify a city and neighborhood. 

Trees clean the air, provide oxygen, and clean drinking water

Trees improve air quality and our health by removing pollution from the atmosphere. For example, in Los Angeles, trees are credited with removing almost 2,000 tons of air pollution every year! And just one large tree is able to provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. Trees also help clean our drinking water—forested watersheds furnish quality drinking water to many of us. How fortunate we are to live in Redding, CA, and enjoy such an abundance of hard-working trees!   

There’s no doubt about it—trees contribute to our lives in so many ways. So, have you thanked your trees today? 

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