Redding, CA, and Shasta County as a whole are beautiful places to raise a family, retire, enjoy outdoor recreation and adventures, and enjoy plentiful work opportunities. Something else we are known for: trees, and lots of them! This means there is always a need for certified arborists and tree service specialists.

A career in tree service is rewarding—it offers excellent pay and the satisfaction of playing a vital role in the care, maintenance, and preservation of trees and the environment. If you’ve been thinking about a career change, a job in the tree service industry is an excellent choice.

Why Arborists Are in High Demand

There are always job openings to be found for trained arborists and those with tree service experience. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the highest employment level in tree trimmers and pruners. And arborists have worked hard to acquire the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the local area which puts them in high demand.

What Does a Tree Service Specialist Do?

Arborists have completed training that equips them to work anywhere—cultivating, maintaining, pruning, and restoring trees back to health. They know how to identify pests and diseases. They understand how to structurally support a weak or damaged tree with cabling techniques. And they have the expertise and equipment to handle large jobs safely, such as stump removal and grinding, tree removal, application of pre-emergents, and lot clearing. They can also help you implement a firescaping defense plan to protect your property.

What Is Required to Become a Tree Service Specialist?

Getting into the tree service profession doesn’t require a college degree—there’s a lot you can learn from experience on the job and continued training. However, additional specialized training and certification will enable you to move forward in your new career. OSHA standards must be understood and adopted, as well as any other safety training and best practices your employer requires. Experience, as well as education, will allow you to work safely and professionally.

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