Lightning zigzagging across the night sky is an incredible and thrilling display of natures power. But theres an undeniable element of dangera strike. And in 2020, Northern California (including Shasta County) was hit with literally thousands of lightning strikes that sparked four of the largest wildfires in California’s history. In fact, almost 14,000 lightning strikes over the brief period of 72 hours were responsible for igniting over 900 wildfires in August 2020 alone.

With extreme drought conditions and an active wildfire season underway, you are undoubtedly concerned about the trees near your home attracting lightning. Is there anything you can do to be proactive in protecting your trees from lightning and preventing wildfires?


Protect Your Trees From Lightning Strikes

Call a certified local tree expert

Majestic trees enhance the curb appeal of your property, but they are also excellent magnets for lightning. They act as a conduit for lightning to travel from the storm clouds above to the ground below. A local tree expert can explain the various methods of implementing a lightning protection system designed to minimize tree damage and provide a preferred path for electrical charges to the ground. While its impossible to control lightning striking a tree, a lightning protection system can control the subsequent path it will then take.

Can your tree survive a lightning strike?

In a word—maybe. It all depends on the tree’s health, the species, the moisture level, and the magnitude of the lightning strike. A tree might suffer superficial wounds that will heal with time with some scarring. But if the damage is more severe, especially in the trunk itself, the tree may become weakened and thus more vulnerable to disease, pests, and weather.

If your tree has been struck by lightning, exercise extreme caution in assessing the damage. If large limbs need to be removed or the tree itself appears beyond saving, always consult an expert. They will perform an in-depth tree risk assessment, recommend a plan of action, and use the right equipment and proper training to remove limbs safely.

With maintenance, a lightning protection system, and the expert guidance of a certified arborist, you can be proactive in protecting your trees from lightning.

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