Mature trees are beautiful and improve curb appeal. However, overgrown limbs and branches can pose a threat to your home—especially the roof. Thankfully, you can protect your roof from potential damage with a little help from a tree service pro and understanding how trees can cause damage.

How Trees Can Damage Roofs

A branch or limb weakened by disease, pests, lightning strikes, or a windstorm could fall onto your roof, causing substantial damage—not to mention hitting a window or the exterior trim and siding.

Low-hanging branchescan rub against a roof and the shingles during a windstorm. This can damage the shingles or cause them to loosen. Too much shade on a roof can cause mold and algae growth. This is because the roof doesn’t get a chance to dry properly.

Leaves and evergreen needles can collect on the roof and clog gutters and valleys. If the debris is not removed, the accumulating moisture can grow moss or mold, reducing the lifespan of your shingles.

Are There Some Roof Types That are More Resistant to Tree Damage?

All roofing materials can be damaged by a tree to some degree, so the best practice is proper tree management to prevent roof damage. Discuss with your arborists which tree type should be planted and where they are safe to be planted. Talk to your arborist about the existing trees on your property and make sure they don’t currently pose a risk to your roof.  Regularly clean your roof and gutters to maintain proper water flow on your roof. If you take these precautions, especially before storms, you can avoid roof damage from trees.

How An Arborist Can Help

An arborist knows when and how to trim tree branches that are too close to a roof. They can assess the health of your trees and check for any signs of damage or disease that could weaken the trunk, limbs, or branches. And they can advise you on when to cable or brace compromised limbs.

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