Proper tree care is essential for preventing safety hazards. Without proper tree cutting and pruning, trees can grow into or near power lines. This can not only cause a fire but also pose an electrical hazard to those who come into contact with the tree at ground level.

Trees that are close to power lines can also be hazardous in the event of a voltage surge. Under the right conditions, electricity can arc from the power line to the nearby tree and create a fire. In support of safety, it’s important to regularly trim your trees to keep them away from power lines. Trees that are dead, dying, or diseased also need to be removed to avoid providing fuel to potential fires.


Trees falling onto power lines

Did you know that according to one of the largest contributors to power outages in California is trees?


How Do I Know If I Need Tree Cutting?

California regulations require utilities to trim trees and other vegetation to prevent them from coming into contact or falling into high-voltage power lines. All flammable material and vegetation need to removed at ground level within a 10-foot radius of a utility pole.

From ground level to 8-feet in height, all brush, limbs, and foliage of living trees within the utility pole’s 10-foot radius require tree cutting. In the remaining area up to the point of the conductor, all dead, dying, and diseased tree limbs and foliage need to be removed.

A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal offers tree cutting services and tree care to ensure your trees are not only a safe distance away from utility poles and power lines but also that your trees and vegetation are happy and healthy. A healthy tree is less likely to serve as a matchbox for fires, and professional tree care is essential for the safety of your home and your community.

To learn more about tree cutting and tree care services to keep your trees away from power lines, contact A-1 Tree Service and Stump Removal today.