For those of us who call Shasta County home, we are no strangers to the wildfires that have ravaged our area in recent years. The devastation has left deep scars. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the courageous firefighters at the forefront. The Redding Fire Department recently announced the great news that they can now meet the national standard of three firefighters per engine versus two.


And individually we can all play a role in fire preparation. Here’s how. 


When to prepare


Don’t wait until a fire starts to begin thinking about your fire preparation plan. You need to have a detailed plan of action in advance. Discuss as a family where you will go, what to bring in your emergency go-bags, and how you will communicate your safety and location to family and neighbors. Remember: When gusty winds and dry humidity combine, fires can spread quickly; you may minutes to leave, not hours. 


Therefore, advance preparation is the key to keeping your family (and pets!) safe. In addition to your evacuation plan, it’s crucial to prep your yard and property. 


Prepare your yard for fire season


As a homeowner, there are specific things you can do to reduce the risk of a devastating wildfire around your home. Enlist the help and expertise of a trained arborist to assist you in implementing a firescaping defense plan, including:


  • Fire breaks and lot clearing—Create non-burn, defensible space around your home to help contain fires. Removing forested areas that are too close to your home can reduce the risk of a wildfire spreading to structures on your property. 
  • Brush chipping—Reduce large amounts of brush and tree debris into woodchips. This protects against wildfire and provides defensible space and access through your property. 
  • Mastication—This process involves grinding a tree stump down to wood chips a few inches below the soil. The tree roots remain in the ground but naturally decay over time. 
  • Pre-emergent herbicides—These are used to prevent weeds from taking over. When creating a defensible space, you’ll want to remove overgrown vegetation to slow the spread of fire and allow firefighters room to do their job in protecting your home. 


Act responsibly


According to CAL Fire Shasta-Trinity Unit, 95% of fires are caused by humans. So it’s critical we all do our part—be keenly aware of outdoor activities that could spark a fire. And stay informed—sign up for CAL FIRE’s Ready for Wildfire App. The alerts could save your life! 


A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal specializes in fire breaks and lot clearing. We will be happy to guide you through the steps of getting your property ready for fire season. We are proud to serve our neighbors in the Redding and the greater Shasta County area. Call us today by email or phone! (530) 221-9427