While many people love the look of abundant wildlife and forested areas around their home, this can actually create increased risk around your property and raise your insurance premiums. What makes forested space so dangerous? The increased organic material may lead to an increased risk of fire. This means that proper lot clearing is essential for your home; here’s what you need to create defensible space for your home and property.

Remove Dried Plant Material

When creating defensible space for your home, removing dead or dying plants is a must. This extra organic material may initially seem harmless. Unfortunately, the more dried plant matter there is surrounding your property, the more you risk damage from wildfires. Proper disposing of dead or dying plants can help keep you safe from wildfires.

Keep Some Distance

Create Defensible Space in ReddingRemoving plants overhanging or on your property might not be enough to ensure your safety. Creating fire breaks can help keep any unexpected wildfires farther away from your home, reducing the risk of damage further. Having a bit of extra space makes it less likely that flammable material will come into contact with your property, keeping it safe. In order to create a proper fire break, you’ll want to hire extra help for thorough lot clearing.

Improved Insurance

When you create a defensible space around your home, you’re doing more than simply keeping your home safe. You’ll also likely see insurance premiums decrease. Being proactive about protecting your property against wildfires ensures you won’t lose your insurance due to fire hazards near your home. Protect your property investment as well as your ongoing expenses by creating a defensible space around your home today.

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