Wildfires are incredibly dangerous and can pose a threat to your home and surrounding property. Because wildfires are unpredictable, many homeowners believe there aren’t feasible solutions to prevent wildfire damage. However, you can create a wildfire defensible space to protect your home and surrounding property in the event of a wildfire.

What Is a Wildfire Defensible Space?

Wildfire defensible spaces are spaces where vegetation, trees, and debris have been cleared away or treated to help stop or slow the spread of wildfires. Adequate spacing between shrubs and trees is necessary to prevent flammable plants from catching fire.

What Can I Do to Create a Defensible Space?

To create a wildfire defensible space, you need to start by creating two zones. The first zone is a gap of 30 feet between your home and the surrounding area. In this zone, there ought to be no plants or trees. 

Keep firewood stored away from the home, and remove old stumps and diseased trees. A1 Tree Services can help to remove these from your property. Include fire-resistant landscaping around your home including plants that are high in water content and don’t produce flammable chemicals or saps.

The second zone is a gap of 100 feet between your home and the surrounding area. In this zone, grass needs to be cut down to a maximum height of four inches year-round. Horizontal and vertical space is necessary between plants and trees. 

Remove any fallen leaves, cones, small branches, bark, needles, and twigs that build up around the area or in your gutter system. This debris can easily fuel wildfires.

If your home has a stove pipe, chimney, or eave, be sure to place a metal mesh screen around them. This mesh helps to prevent flying embers from wildfires from entering your home or leaving your home and spreading to surrounding vegetation.

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