Wildfire season is officially here, and it’s important to plan ahead to ensure your home is ready and resilient. Fire-resistant landscaping, known as firescaping, is crucial for stopping the spread of wildfires in California. Firescaping reduces your home’s vulnerability to wildfire by creating a defensible space around your property.

Firescaping isn’t the same as a well-maintained yard. This landscaping technique is designed using fire-resistant plants and materials to strategically fight back against the spread of wildfires. You don’t need a lot of money to participate in firescaping, either. In fact, here are a few ways you can set up fire-resistant landscaping in your yard.

Create Fire-Resistant Zones

The first step in slowing down a wildfire is by creating fire-resistant zones, or fire breaks, in your own yard. You can do this by covering up the bare spaces in your yard and around your home using rock, mulch, and flowerbeds with high-moisture vegetation and plants. You can also create fire-resistant zones around your yard by installing stone walls, stone patios, and decks made from heat-resistant wood.

Beautify Your Space with High-Moisture Plants

Unfortunately, there aren’t any fire-resistant flowers or plants you can grow. But there are plants and flowers with high-moisture levels that reduce the risk of spreading fire. These flowers include French lavender, red monkeyflower, California Fuschia, Sage, California lilac, ornamental strawberry, yellow ice plant, society garlic, coreopsis plant, and California redbud. Learn more about Fire-Resistant plants and materials on Readyforwildfire.org.

Keep Your Trees in Good Health

If you plant trees in your yard, make sure to plant trees such as hardwood, maple, poplar, and cherry trees, which aren’t as flammable. Proper tree care is also essential to firescaping. Make sure to take care of your trees using professional tree services to prevent dying, dead, or diseased trees from populating your yard and putting you at risk for wildfire. A-1 Tree Service and Stump removal can help to ensure your trees are healthy and properly trimmed for proper firescaping.