Trees and perennials are an investment in your property, and you hope to enjoy seeing them grow and flourish for years to come. However, planting a tree in the wrong hardiness zone is likely to result in the tree failing to mature and possibly dying. 


What is the Hardiness Zone Map?


The Arbor Day Foundation developed the Hardiness Zone Map, and the US and Canada are divided into 11 areas or zones. The zones’ division is based on a 10 degree Fahrenheit difference in the average minimum temperature for the year. The map is easy to use: Simply enter your zip code and see where you fall on the map. The Arbor Day Foundation website also provides a helpful feature that allows you to see suggestions for trees that do well in your zone, and the list is broken down into categories such as Fast-Growing, Fruit & Nut, Shade, and more.  


Why is it important to consult the Hardiness Zone Map?


Now that you know your zone, you can select trees and perennials that are known to be hardy for your zone’s minimum temperature. For example, if you live in Redding, CA (zip code 96002) you are in zone 9. So, when you head to the nursery to pick out an expensive ornamental tree for your next landscaping project, you’ll know that if the tree is indicated for hardiness in zones 6-9, you have chosen a clear winner. The tree has been determined to be hardy and expected to grow well in your zone.


Why you should consult with a professional arborist


Using the Hardiness Zone Map is a great start, but there are reasons to consult with a professional arborist before selecting new trees or shrubs to add. A local arborist understands the variations in soil, moisture, wind, and other climate conditions that can affect particular plants in your area. They know which perennials and trees thrive locally and which fare poorly. A professional tree services expert can help you make the right choice. 


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