Nothing says relaxation and serenity more than a gently swaying palm tree. And in Redding, California, we have an abundant variety of beautiful palm trees dotting the landscape and adorning our properties. 

But did you realize that palm trees can become a serious fire hazard in a matter of minutes? Dead palm fronds can literally turn into a torch, creating a dangerous fire situation. And it’s no secret that Shasta County is in a severe drought—Level D4 – Exceptional Drought conditions.   

The good news is that you can do something to protect your palm trees and reduce the fire risk in your neighborhood. 

Why palm trees pose a risk of becoming a fire hazard

Palm fronds don’t drop to the ground when they die—which presents a fire hazard when a dead palm frond ignites. The palm tree can quickly act as a torch, creating embers carried by the wind. Flying embers can then attach to the leaf bases along the palm tree’s trunk, resulting in the tree being consumed by fire. And if a palm tree is struck by lightning, it can explode. 

Additionally, palm trees that are too close to your home—especially if they are not maintained—reduces defensible space. It’s crucial to create a safe distance between your home and any trees or vegetation that act as fuel for a fire.   

Maintain your palm trees

Palm trees need to be well-maintained and trimmed of dead fronds. Prep for storms with proper tree cabling. Make sure no part of the tree or fronds is touching electrical systems. Keep the soil healthy and adequately aerated. And know when you need to ask for help to do so.  

Call in the experts for help to remove dead fronds

Palm trees are tall (ranging from 50 to 200 feet), and the fronds are bulky and large. Removing dead fronds is often quite challenging. Our professional tree trimmers at A-1 Tree & Stump Removal have the tools and experience to get the job done safely. You should never attempt to work on a tree near power lines. Let a local tree service and certified arborist use the right equipment and proper training to work at heights and near energized lines. 

Put the above tips into practice today and protect not only your trees but your home and community.  

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