Some of the many joys we experience in beautiful Shasta County is our abundant trees, vegetation, and spending time working on landscaping tasks around our home. And no matter how green our thumbs are or how skilled we are at DIY projects, certain landscaping tasks carry a significant risk of danger to our personal safety and that of others.  


Therefore, it’s critical to know when to enlist the help of an expert. Consider a few examples. 


When to call a local tree service expert


  • Tree trimming—Tree trimming near powerlines poses a tremendous risk of accidents involving electrocution, falling, or power tool injuries. This is best handled by a certified, licensed, trained professional who is equipped to work around powerlines.


  • Tree removal—When a tree presents a safety hazard due to damage or decay, threatens structural damage to your home or property, or due to aesthetic issues, it’s time to call in a professional. Trust a big job like this to an expert—one with the knowledge of proper rigging techniques to lower, lift, and maneuver cut limbs to a predetermined landing zone. Doing so will keep your family, home, and vehicles safe!


  • Stump removal—When you clean out tree stumps from your yard and property, you’ll immediately improve curb appeal. And you remove the risk of injury—a visitor may not know a stump is there and could trip or fall. Stump removal is incredibly challenging and trying to tackle it yourself can make matters worse. Instead, hire a professional to grind and remove stumps. 


  • Tree cabling and bracing—This process entails using cables and bracing rods to add support to weakened areas of a tree and distribute weight loads more equally. A tree service expert will examine your trees and recommend whether it is appropriate to use cabling and bracing and which method will work best for your tree’s condition. 


  • Pre-emergents—Pre-emergent herbicides and vegetation spraying is done to prevent your property or lot from being taken over by unwanted growth of weeds, poison oak, and fire fuels. Spraying is an easy, cost-effective form of control but should be done at the right time, in the right way, and only on properly identified vegetation. A certified arborist is a vegetation management expert who can advise you on using these tools effectively.  


Always play it safe! At A-1 Tree & Stump Removal, we proudly serve Shasta County residents and have built a solid reputation as knowledgeable experts. We are ready to assist you with potentially dangerous landscaping tasks, 24/7 emergency services, and free estimates. Our team of professionals has the expertise, experience, and equipment to get the job done safely. Call us today!