Are you looking for a way to enhance the landscape of your property?


Planting native trees on your property can enhance the beauty of your landscape and there are lots of environmental benefits to planting native trees on your property as well. Native trees are trees that naturally grow in your area and were not introduced by man. Planting trees that are native to your area support your local ecosystem and wildlife. Insects, birds, and other animals that are local to your area depend on native trees for shelter and these trees are already adapted to the local climate, so they require less maintenance. 

So, if you live in a very warm area, a native tree will be able to withstand the heat. If you live in a cooler climate, a native tree will be able to withstand the cold weather, and they are better adapted to the local soil and planting conditions. 

There are a wide variety of plants that are native to Shasta County, California. Some trees that are native to the area are Freemont Cottonwood trees, Blue Leaf Maple trees, Blue Oak trees, California Buckeyes, and Interior Live Oaks. These are just a few examples of the trees that are native to the Shasta County area. But, there are a wide variety of trees to fit your needs. Check out this list of more native trees.

Choosing a plant or tree that is native to Shasta County and fire-resistant can help to decrease your chances of losing your home, property, or life to fire. 


“Any plant will burn under the right conditions. Simply choosing plants from a “fire-safe” plant list is NOT enough. Rather, use “Right Plant, Right Place” to build a robust, fire-adapted landscape. Some plants are marketed and described as “fire-safe” or “fire resistant”, all plants will burn under the right conditions, regardless of how they are classified.”  source:

Native trees are a great choice for your landscaping needs. But, different types of native trees have different characteristics. Certain native trees and plants grow better in different conditions. So, when you are choosing the best plant for your yard, it’s best to have the help of an expert to assist you. The experts at A1 Tree and Stump Removal can assess your needs and help you pick out the best native plant for your property in Shasta County. Contact us today at 530-221-9427.