To a tree, sometimes a green thumb can feel more like a green vice grip. While no tree owner purposefully hurts their trees, some tree care practices done with good intentions can cause significant damage.

Fortunately, harmful tree practices can be easily avoided. Here are five ways you could be harming your trees and what you can do to take care of them the right way instead.

    • Over mulching. Over mulching can cause a buildup of moisture in the soil surrounding the tree. This results in root and bark decay, which can keep the tree from growing a solid foundation. To avoid this issue, your mulch shouldn’t be more than two to four inches deep and no closer than five inches away from your tree trunk.
    • Planting the wrong neighbor. Planting the wrong tree or plant can end up hurting your existing trees if they need to compete for sunshine and nutrients in the soil. Make sure to check your tree guides on height and spread information before you plant a new tree, and keep shrubs and vines away from your trees.
    • Girdling your tree. Girdling is when a ring of bark is removed from around the tree. Tree bark is what allows nutrients to flow from the leaves to the roots. When you remove the tree bark, you cut the tree roots off from their food source and kill the tree. Never girdle a tree.
    • Staking. This is a common method tree owners use to support their trees. However, trees don’t need this support and it can end up causing bark damage and abnormal trunk growth. If a tree is new and you think it needs support, make sure only to stake it for a short time.
    • Bad pruning jobs. Pruning helps to maintain the structure of your tree, but trying to prune on your own can end up causing your tree permanent harm. Improper pruning and tree injuries can cause your tree to die if you’re not careful. To avoid harming your tree, leave the pruning to your professional tree care services.

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