There’s no denying it—trees add to the natural beauty and curb appeal of your property. Until they don’t… when due to disease, significant storm damage, or posing a structural risk to your home or property, the tree has to be removed. And then you are left with protruding stumps which pose a danger. Here are three reasons why you’ll want to consider having the stump removed and using a professional tree stump removal service to do so.

Tree stumps should be removed

Leaving a stump behind without grinding and removing the root poses the risk of:

  • Decaying stumps are a magnet for pests, including termites and carpenter ants. Once they have their fill of the stump, they’ll move on to greener pastures—other trees and plants on your property.
  • If your tree was removed due to disease, leaving the stump in your yard can make other trees vulnerable to the same disease.
  • A protruding tree stump is a major tripping hazard—especially for visitors to your yard who are unfamiliar with the layout of your property.
  • Unsightly stumps adversely affect your property value and can make it difficult to landscape around.

Tree stumps are dangerous to remove on your own

DIY tree stump removal is never a good idea; it takes the right equipment and expertise to properly and safely do so. Homeowners often do not have the right tools, machinery, or knowledge. Grinding and removing old roots to eliminate the competition of neighboring plants for water and nutrients is challenging. And an inexperienced homeowner may end up making things worse or suffering an injury.

A tree stump removal service puts you in the hands of an expert

When you reach out to a local tree service and certified arborist, you’re in good hands. They can offer an assessment and recommendation on how to remove the stump safely. Utilizing specialized equipment, they will remove the stump and old root systems, followed by grinding and mulching. And they are experienced in knowing how to make precise cuts, carefully use a stump grinder, and work around electrical wires and gas lines, as well as cleaning up any remaining debris.

Beautify and ensure the safety of your property by enlisting the expertise of a local tree service to remove your tree stumps safely.

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