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Tree Care And Firescaping: Landscaping For Fire Safety

Few people want to think about the worst case scenarios for their homes, particularly when it comes to fires. Fires can be disastrous for your home and your future peace of mind, not to mention the risk they pose to your personal safety. Most homeowners don't...

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How to Prevent Property Fires By Creating a Defensible Space

Although there are many wonderful things about living in California, residents need to come to terms with the fact that there are dangerous aspects about this area, as well. For one thing, wildfires are all too common -- and they often have devastating effects on...

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Why Old Trees Need Cutting Down

How is that old tree on your property really doing? If you inherited an old tree with your new home, you might have thought that it's stoically beautiful, despite its age. You might have to invest in a crane service to execute a large tree removal. Read on to learn...

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6 Reasons to Hire a Tree Service to Trim Your Trees

Trees are one of the most undervalued assets that properties can have. Aside from providing us with shade for hot summer days, trees can beautifully accent a home and the shade they provide can save us thousands of dollars on cooling costs in the summer. Investing in...

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Should I prune my trees and shrubs in winter?

In many regions, late winter is an excellent time for tree pruning. Lack of foliage makes it easier to prune deciduous trees and pruning trees while dormant promotes good growth later on. Read on to find out which plants should and should not be pruned at this time of...

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Storm-proof your trees for winter

Winter is a truly beautiful time in northern California. Not too cold, and not too hot, this is the place to be December to February. But with winter comes high winds and rains. That’s why it’s never too early to think about how to storm-proof your trees for winter....

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Common Spring Tree Care Questions

Spring is a big time for trees. With winter taking a backseat, trees can happily grow clusters of flowers and turn their leaves up toward the springtime sun.These spring-fueled changes often leave us in awe of our trees every season. Yet, there are several questions...

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Ask an Arborist: Can You Trim Trees in Spring?

Many homeowners want to know if it is OK to trim trees in spring? Here's what Master Arborists have to say on the subject.Now that the world is all green and lush again, you might have noticed that your shrubs or trees have grown substantially -- perhaps a bit too...

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When is it time to have a tree removed from your property?

As a homeowner, you have so many important responsibilities to focus on at all times. You need to handle all your finances in a timely and efficient manner, keep the house stocked with plenty of groceries, ensure that everything inside your home is functioning...

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