A-1 Tree Service & Stump Removal is now offering forestry services. We provide large and small scale masticating, improving forest health, reducing fire fuels and clearing land for commercial purposes.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration is essential  in helping an area thrive again after the event of a wildfire. Using new age mulching techniques we are able to improve soil conditions and remove any vegetaion that is beyond the point of recovery.

retsoring an area after a wildfire
Fuel line cut at the top of a ridge line

Fuels Reduction & Fuel Breaks

Fuels reduction is a key tool for fire fighting personel, land managers and property owners. A-1 Forestry Group uses multiple techniques such as thinning, pruning and chipping/masticating to create breaks in fuel continuity.

Orchard Removal & Grinding

Orchard removal has never been easier, we can remove trees and grind stumps/roots all with one piece of machinery making the job cost and time efficient.

apple orchard
Trail system in northern California

Trail Systems Management

There are currently thousands of miles of recreational trails in California alone, creating and maintaining these trails can be hard work and very time consuming. Using our mulching techniques the job gets done efficiently.

Slash Reduction

Using a mulcher for slash reduction opposed to traditional burning has many benefits inlcuding; reintroducing nutrients to the soil, and avoiding unnecessary air pollutant and fire hazards.

Tree cabling Redding CA

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